Axanthic (Coastal)

ID: MSM14_01

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Jan Eric Engell



Line / Story

“My Axanthic Coastal line is the so-called “Blue Axanthic Line” – the first original line, which Christer Lindblom ( now Ormblom ) founded in 1994. He sold a lot of hets from this line back in the late 1990 ies and beginning of the 2000 s. These were then mixed with various carpet species by other breeders and sold as “new Axanthic lines”. Funny part was that these lines were all compatable through the years. I have never heard of 2 Axanthic lines being compatable ! These simply originate from the same bloodline. The Axanthic bloodline I have always worked with is from the original Axanthic Coastals I received from Christer back in 2006.” Jan Eric Engell.